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Pod Learning and Connection

Our Mission

Take your child’s education into your own hands. Parliament affords families the opportunity to connect locally and provide their children with an enriching, safe, and cost-efficient education.

How Does it Work?

Create a Pod

Be a community leader; create an ideal learning environment. Choose the parameters and control who joins.

Browse Local Pods

See what is out there. Local parents just like you are looking to do this together; find the right group for your family.

Offer a Class

Want to be an educator or offer specialty classes? Post about it here and get connected with local groups.

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Whatever you call it – pod schools, micro schools, etc; more and more people are taking their children out of public education. Frustrations with content, lack of parental input, child safety, and hyper-politicization have made those learning environments insufferable. The reality is, kids don’t go to school to learn anymore; parents are recognizing this and taking action. Find out why you should too:

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News & Updates

  • Testing Testing

    Testing Testing

    A first blog-style contribution to this site. We are working on gathering information and building out a viable product. Please add your email to the list so you don’t miss any updates, and will be the first to know when pods are launching in your area.

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